RC5 commands don't show in ir app

I’ve trying to figuring out a radio tuner remote keys, since i don’t have the original. I’ve found out the box uses RC5 code, adress 16 00 00 00. (I’ve used an unversal remote with search.)
There was some buttons witch work, the Flipper could recognise it. And i found some files for RC5, but the file goes only to Command 3F 00 00 00.
I’ve found out there are more commands, as mentioned here: RC5 Codes - LinnDocs
But if I add like command 40 00 00 00 or above, Flipper doesn’t show they in the ir app.
Here is the original file (made with flipper tools) and an extend one, whitch i’ve tried to make.
Flipper shows just an empty remote if i open it. Is there some limit, or i’m doing it something wrong?
The main goal would be to determine the menu button, but i can’t find it, it could be using some other commnd, above 40.

IR-RC5-16.ir (5.4 KB)
IR-RC5-16_extend.ir (1.4 KB)

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I can’t find an error so I suspect it’s a limitation.

This is a limit ON THE RC5 protocol itself NOT on flipper !!!

RC5 does only support a maximum of only 64 different commands

To use the “new” 128 different commands you must use RC5X

Flipper does support that but you need to replace RC5 with RC5X on the flipper file.

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Oh i see, thank you!

Great info!