Rawlink Garage Door opener

I will try to attach a picture. But I am woundering how to know what what type of system my garage motor has or is it as it say Rawlink? I cant finde that someone tried to open it with flipper or the sesame tool. I am thinking that rawlink is the manufacture and they maybe use liftmaster inside for communication or is it possible to read something from the stiker in the back? I just droved over my key so I cant read it. I want to know operating frequenze(Think its 433.92mhz) and in general all info so I can open the door remotly. Any sugestions?

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Please consider giving us a picture of the remote with a regulatory identifications.

There is no number on the remote

I don’t know the rules where you are but in the US there is always an ID we can look up. That makes it much easier to find information. A picture of the remote front and back may still help. I’ve had a difficult time determining what code system it uses. If you are comfortable with it you might even open the remote so we can see the board. There is often good information there.
(Or perhaps it’s already opened after re-reading you post.)

Have a look at this manual and let me know if this is it. The manual has multiple languages.

Been out for work and my wife didnt save the key. I know what you thinking but thats how it is to live with someone who is completely uninterested in techinal stuff.

Anyway, thats the correct manual.