qFlipper not finding my device

Trying to connect Flipper to qFlipper on new PC build. Running Win 10, had no issue installing qFlipper and USB is live. Running 0.65.2 on Flipper… Do I need to uninstall the port and re-install?

I’m not using the flipper at windows anymore*, but here is a good overview, how it should look like in device manager:

(* Because I have no windows system at home, not a Flipper or qFlipper issue)

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Does the LED turn on, on the Flipper when you plug it in?
I had the same problem, and the problem was that i used a USB-C Cable with no Data transfer…

Unfortunately, thought the same thing but it’s the same cable and port (USB strip) I used before building a new pc and the joys of figuring it out…

I think I need to disable the USB port and flip it back on. This did happened before, also, but I’m having trouble determining the port in device manager.

I will have to look this over, thanks.

So i realized that you can’t just use any USB cable on the flipper especially to connect it to the computer. I wasn’t able to connect to QFlipper until I switched USB cables.