qFlipper and RSA\MachineKeys (Disabled qFlipper installation by Norton Antivirus)

I tried installing qFlipper in Windows, and during the setup, Norton popped up an alert saying it blocked an action where qFlipperSetup was trying to read RSA\MachineKeys. The install said it completed successfully, but I don’t know whether the blocked action might prevent it from functioning properly. Has anyone else encountered this?

What exactly is the setup process doing with this folder?

Thank you for your report. Can you please provide the full name of Nortnon product you use?

I can reproduce this issue, thank you. Will try to fix it.
My idea is to use a signed DFU driver, to avoid inserting root certificate in windows certificate store.

We found how to fix this issue and will release the new version of qFlipper soon.

Thank you. I ended up establishing a policy exception and was able to complete the installation.

All Norton warnings are now fixed. Please install new version of qFlipper from here Flipper Zero Firmware Update via qFlipper for test