Problem with flipper Wifi Dev Board

hi, its like a week im struggling with this wifi devboard, every-time im loading the marauder firmware and disconnect reconnect the board , i have to reinstall the marauder firm, please can someone help me ? i made a video of my problem : Flipper wifiDevBoard Marauder Install

no one is able to help me ? 🥲

The marauder firmware is not officially supported for the devboard by us. Please contact the firmware developer for support.

  1. hi guys, im trying to reinstall black magic with terminal,
    and when i type the last comand ‘ build’ to compile:

i have this error :

[866/993] Building C object esp-idf/blackmagic/CMakeFiles/__idf_blackmagic.dir/blackmagic-fw/src/target/nrf51.c.objninja: build stopped: subcommand failed. HINT: Please make sure that the header name is correct. Also please check if you've specified all component dependencies with 'idf_component_register(REQUIRES ...)'. If the component is not present then it should be added by the IDF Component Manager. For more information run ' docs -sp api-guides/build-system.html'. Also, please check if the header file has been removed, renamed or relocated - refer to the migration guide for more information.

2. *[*20:14*]*

someone can help me please, im stuck

Did you follow the instructions to setup the ESP32-IDF?

Use the new flash tool from Marauders Github. Its the easiest way to get Marauders on your WiFi Dev Board.

go to Flipper, open app WiFi Marauder, open Update, connect to WiFi MarauderOTA and do same as on video, just update. Reboot. All fine and it’s work for me.