Problem emulating key card

i have a problem emulating key card, it can read it but does not emulate.
video link attached

It could be encrypted somehow, a rolling code, or you captured an incomplete code because it’s incompatible.

I got my flipper yesterday with the same issue, all NFC functions are ok except the emulation, I tried all recent firmwares without success, I checked using Rf Detector by Proxgrind and and my smart phone, no RF activity with emulation.
Then I came across this articl:

NFC emulation has stopped working since the 0.63.3 update. In the release notes you can see NFC: completely redesigned application, improvement …, I guess the problem is here.
I rolled back to the previous firmware 0.62.1 and the emulation works fine. Then I updated to 0.63.3 again, the emulation doesn’t work again. Same with 0.64.3 & dev b3d7583f.
I hope the developer can solve this issue very soon


That information is extremely helpful!
Thank you for sharing!