Power off

It would be conveinent to add a shortcut to power off the device instead of needing to go into the menus.

A long press of the button used to power up when the flipper is at the main screen would be my recommendation for this



But why would you need to power it off so often that it needs a shortcut? Locking the device reduces its power use to 9mA, which is enough to last a whole week and more

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Depends on your use case I guess. Mine is only used occasionally. I may not use it for a few weeks at a time and when it does get used it’s for short durations. Maybe a minute or two at a time. Then it is put away. It’s nice to know it will be ready to go and not dead when I pick it up a month later.

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I completely agree with RFTech. Regardless of the use case it would be very convenient to turn off the device without pressing 5 buttons.

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I was also wondering about this I have the lock and set pin activated on mine. I would love a kill power switch or auto off incase it was lost or some one snatched it from me?

You can now power off your device by pressing and holding the back button.

You can also power it off remotely via the mobile app (using the remote control)


Firstly, thank you for taking this feedback and implementing the option. I noticed when it was first implemented it was a short hold of the back button to trigger the shutdown menu. This was perfect and was exactly how I envisioned the feature to work.

Since then I have noticed on future revisions of the firmware that the duration the back button needs to be held has been extended 3-4 times the original duration. This is quite cumbersome and seem very unnecessary as I cannot envision any likelihood that the feature would be invoked unnecessarily the old way, and even if it did happen it just dumped you to the shutdown menu that could easily be backed out of.

Just curious about the rational for the change. Perhaps there is something I am not considering in this? If not, if there is public opinion that the other configuration is prefered, is it possible to have the feature reverted back to the shorter back button press or at least shortened to half of the current duration which seems like an eternity?

Thanks as always!

You all rock!

This was done after our testing and is needed to prevent accidental triggering of the power off menu, so this is intended behavior.

Thank you all for taking RFTech request seriously and implementing the feature, I also agree with his request and find it reasonable.

I’d like to ask if it’s possible to reduce the timer of keeping pressed down the back button before it’ll open the Power OFF menu.
Currently it’s 5 seconds, but I find this time unnecessarily long.
I understand the need to prevent accidental opening of the Power OFF menu, but could you reduce it to 2 or 3 seconds perhaps?

Thank you in any case for your answer.

Anyway, the device is fantastic, you’re awesome!

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I agree with Edoardo. The hold-down feature however is very long.

Here are a couple of points.

First, it would need to both hold for a 2/3 sec window and then press left which is not likely.

Second, in the event that it did turn off, it is inconsequential and may help not pocket dial some commands if not save battery.

Third, it would be functional to have the option to customize the turn-off window. Some people can have 5 seconds while other users can have 2 seconds.

Fourth, it would be nice to remove time as a factor of power management. Users could quickly press the back button 3 or 5 times to pull up the turn off the screen.

Is it possible to add it to the list with all the applications like sub ghz, nfc and so on? I could see that as a working option. What I have in mind is a single button press coming from the home screen and next to the settings app there could be the power off “app” which could also give the user the option to reboot or shut down the flipper.