Possible to identify remote and program Firestick as universal remote?

Hi all – just joined the Flipper crew and am super excited to put it to the test!

My first project is:

  • I have a television with an unknown brand name, but it came with its own remote control (also unbranded)
  • I have a Firestick plugged into said television
  • I have a Firestick remote control with a huge database of brands

Is it possible to somehow capture the IR signals from the original remote control using my Flipper, using that to then identify a potentially compatible existing brand from the Firestick’s huge IR code database, with the end goal being to use the Firestick as a universal remote to control the TV? Instead of having to switch between the two controls to control the TV and the Firestick separately.

Any advice on this would be most welcome!

Thanks & have a great day, M.

Start by using Flipper to learn the TV remote and check the info that you get on flipper as it will provide clues about what codes are used by your TV remote. If it doesn’t help save some buttons of your TV remote with flipper, open the saved text file to check the IR codes and do a search on a database to see if those codes match any known/poopular IR remote.

Example you can download this - https://github.com/logickworkshop/Flipper-IRDB and do a text string search on your pc to compare the saved codes from your TV remote to see if the same codes are present in ANY file of that database to figure out a brand of remote/tv.

This is great advice, thank you very much @Spildit – I’ll give this approach a try and see how I get along!

I can’t seem to find a matching text file within the linked IRDB:

name: POWER
type: parsed
protocol: NECext
address: 40 02 00 00
command: 04 FB 00 00

I’ll keep searching to see if I can track this down. Thanks for the help!

Try the TV - NEC remotes ???