Paxton Fob

Any one had any luck with any Paxton Fobs?

I am not having any luck with mine.I beleive they use the Net2 system.

I think the protocol they use is iClass hitag2. I think they do a form of handshaking before the card code is released.

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Just tried this myself and can confirm the Flipper can’t read my Paxton Fob. What’s the likelihood of this working in the future. Based on MrEcho’s reply I assume extremely remote if at all?

do you have access to the system administrator of the paxton system you have a fob for? You can add standard 125kHz cards/fobs to your user account on the system. The likelyhood of someone spending the time decrypting the paxton system is unlikely as its proprietry. There are readers out there that can decrypt iClass Hitag2 cards though so fingers crossed. Im certainly going to try :wink:

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