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Paid for Zero but I want Flipper One

So I did the kick-start thing. committed to pay the price for the Flipper Zero. Is there any way I could exchange that credit for a portion of the cost of the Flipper One instead? There’s lots of features that I don’t want to miss. I’m considering cancelling my donation and just waiting for the One to come out

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The flipper one is still in early development, if you back the kickstarter, you will only get a flipper zero.


hi, i read that you use a proxark 3 , I would be interested in buying one for me to experiment on the various chips that are around … Can I contact you in private? I would like a couple of information (Google translate)

When will the Zero and One be released? Just an estimate. Does anyone know the projected price of the One? I’d like to see a discount on the ONE for kickstarters

What are the differences between the two? I’m not great at tech (specifically hardware) would you be so kind as to dumb it down a bit?

So you can compare for yourself:-
Here is the the info on the Zero

Here is the the info on the One
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I don’t understand like any of that XD

The main difference seems to be Zero:Arduino vrs One:Linux. The hardware seems to include the same features.