PAC 21020 Proximity Token

Hi, I have a door token from PAC but Flipper does not seem to detect it. Am I doing something wrong or this type of tag isn’t supported?

This type of tag is not yet supported. We’ll add RFID RAW functionality soon, you’ll probably be able to read it with it.

Sounds great! Thanks for your reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

PAC/Stanley tags should be supported now (dev branch for now)

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Are pac stanley writable now? I can read easily and save but write seems to not work detecting the card when I try several types of blanks.

Read here : RFID writing not working at all - #37 by brotherscotch

and here : Rewritable RFID blanks for Flipper Zero · GitHub

I was able to write a specific pattern but maybe flipper is picky about the data that you want to write …

Meaning there is the possibility that you can’t write all the data that you want to the card maybe because a possible flipper bug …

Try to write a pattern of 00 or AA to your blank in pac/stanley format … if it does work the problem is a “bug” with the flipper encoder/writer, if it doesn’t work you need to try with another blank fob…

cool thanks i’ll have a look at those threads

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Please do let us know if you do manage to write your pac/stanley card !!!