Not syncing one file in the archive

Hi, I just noticed that the app isn’t syncing that one file. The Sony Blu-ray one. That’s a file that I went into the manager on the app to edit. I used the app to type the button names and reorder the buttons. Hitting save synced it manually, but now it shows the unsyncronized icon. I copied everything into a notepad because I’m worried that it won’t be saved next time there’s a firmware update.

Well, I shared it to myself, deleted it from the archive, clicked the share link and saved it to the archive. That fixed the no sync thing.

It looks a little different in the file than it used to though. No # between each one any more. But still works.

This is what it used to look like, and what all the others look like.

Hi! Try updating to the latest version - it’s out today.

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I updated. Thanks :+1:. this problem was kind of solved after I deleted and re-added the file like I said above. But I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen again so I haven’t edited anything through the manager since.