NFC Magic + cheap RW NFC tags compatibility


I’ve purchased some cheap RW NFC tags from aliexpress.
NFC Magic couldn’t write it with “This is wrong card. Not a magic card” but androids’s Mifare Classic Tool could write new UID. After UID changes Flipper could write the tag with “Write To Initial Card”.

Could this tags be added to NFC Magic?
What information should be provided for support?

Card Info. Flipper - NFC -Read - Info:
Mifare Classic 1K
ISO 14443-3 (NFC-A)

Card info. Android’s MCT:
MIFARE Classic 1k, NXP
Memory Size: 1024 byte
Block Size: 16 byte
Number of Sectors: 16
Number of Blocks: 64

There is no marks at the tags.

MCT can only write to gen2 tags. the flipper currently only writes to gen1. they are different. this is why you’re finding this

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We need an update on the flipper app to support the gen2 + the longer UID and other type of cards when writting …

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