NFC emulator not working

I just received the flipper and everything seems to be working. Scanning and emulating of RFID tags, sending IR signals and reading NFC cards. But when I try to emulate a NFC card Flipper is showing the icon that it is emulating, but when I scan it with my phone or another NFC reader, nothing is received. I tried all sides of the flipper, and with multiple different cards.

Is this a hardware issue, or am I missing out on something?

What type of card are you trying to emulate?

Thanks for the (really) quick reply!

I tried with a student ID card, but I also downloaded some MF Ultralight files (Flipper/NFC/Fun_Files at main · UberGuidoZ/Flipper · GitHub). Nothing is recognized on the readers.

My ID card emulates well on desk readers and copy machine but not on doorlocks with the same NFC? Maybe try a couple of different readers?

What kind of card is your student ID card? Also, on what readers are you testing the emulation?

@Astra What type is it that you want exactly? The scanner reports a Mifare DESFire ATQA: 4403 and SAK: 20
I also have another Mifare Ultralight/NTAG card from an arcade.

Both can be read from my mobile phone NFC reader, but nothing is received when I try to emulate with the flipper and read from my phone (tried a oneplus and a samsung).
I also just tried the amiibu files on my nintendo switch, and it did work there.

So is it correct that most cards cant be emulated (or at least not to a android NFC reader)?

DESfire cards can’t be emulated. NTAG/Ultralight cards have to be read completely (via “Run Special Action”) to be amulated properly

Can DESfire cards not be emulated in general? Or only atm?

Wouldn’t wait for it

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I have problem with emulate Mifare Classic 1K. Flipper read memory, but cannot emulate keys from this card.

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The emulation isn’t perfect yet, please wait for future updates

Someone has already reported this problem to you?

Yes, this is a known issue