NFC Emulator doesnt seem to work

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen few similar posts but not quite like my case.
I received my two flipper zeros last week, and after some tests, it seems that the nfc emulator doesnt seem to work on one of them.

The fact that I have two flipper helped me a lot in the troubleshooting process.

Tests wered done with a NFC-A, the card is not a banking card nor an ultra light tag.
These test have been ran on firmware version 0.43.1 then later on 0.62.1 ( for both flippers )

Flipper 1 reading card 1 : OK
Flipper 1 reading Card 2 : OK
Flipper 2 reading Card 1 : OK
FLipper 2 reading Card 2 : OK
Flipper 2 emulating card 1 on door NFC reader : NOK
FLipper 2 emulating Card 2 on door NFC reader: NOK
FLipper 1 emulating Card 1 on door NFC reader: OK door opening
FLipper 1 emulating Card 2 on door NFC reader: OK door opening
Flipper 1 reading emulating card 2 from Flipper 2 : NOK
Flipper 1 reading emulating card 1 from Flipper 2 : NOK
Flipper 2 reading emulating card 2 from Flipper 1 : OK, info of the card 1 shows on Flipper 2
Flipper 2 reading emulating card 1 from Flipper 1 : OK, info of the card 2 shows on Flipper 1

At the light of these tests it seem that the flipper 2 cannot emulate the NFC.
I tried to update the frimware without any chance.

I’ll try to upload a video of the inter-flipper tests to show that one can emulate and not the other.

What Can I do ? How can I check if it’s a hardware issue ?

Thank you for you advices !

Have a great day.

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What type of card it is? If it’s a Mifare Classic then the emulation indeed does vary with each device at the moment

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Interesting, where can I read more about this ?

I see that the cards are SAK:20 which is supposed to be MIFARE DESFire. ( ATQA:0x4403 and SAK:0x20)
Which surprised me since I saw smwhere that it couldnt be emulated.

Edit: I found a very good documentation that I shall read

That was the question

What type of card is displayed on the Flipper’s screen? Are you emulating just the UID?

I think I’m emualting just the UID.
The flipper screen shows :

 NFC-A may be:
 EMV bank card
 ATQA:4403 SAK:20
 UID : 04 44 55 AD 55 55 55

But I don’t understand how one flipper could emulate the full card and not the other flipper ( with the same card ).

Hm, that’s very weird

Can you try swapping SD cards?
And also, just to verify, both of them are running the same firmware, right?

Same Problem here! I’ve received my Flipper Zero this week and could scan my card (also Mifare DESfire) without problems, but if I emulate the card, the reader is completely unimpressed and shows no reaction. If I try reading the emulated card with my phone, it says “NFC read error” (I’m trying with NFC tools app on a Redmi Note 9 Pro).
I’ve just installed the new fw version 0.63.2-rc via the Android app and it seems, that the NFC part currently is reworked. Still my phone only shows an error. Any ideas on the topic?

I’m using a 64gb Sandisk Ultra btw, because swapping the SD cards was mentioned :slight_smile:

same here - I try to duplicate our access card for our home. when reading the flipper says “maybe mifare classic” - it reads 2/32 “total keys”, there is no HEX code on the card itself, flipper reads one…
so I am happy to get any help here
the emulation does not work on the reader on the door, no reaction

as I understood, there are several authorization levels with our cards, e.g. my wife has a “female” card - she can have access to other rooms in the house as myself…

is this security level “too much” for the flipper or are we missing some data? many thanks

Mifare DESfire cards can’t be emulated, you’re just emulating the UID of the card, not its contents

Mifare Classic cards have a boult-in cryptographic read protection, and to read the whole card you need to know all 32 keys for the 16 sectors (some can be only read with the A key, some only with the B key). We use a dictionary attack, but the keys from your card may not be in the dictionary, in which case we can’t read the card. You’ll need to run a more advanced attack using a device like a proxmark3, as the flipper doesn’t support them at the moment. This will be added in the future though.


@talas It’s not the same problem since I don’t even have this error message.
@Atkamen It’s not the same issue, since my flipper doesnt say mifare classic, nor I have any mifare classic tag.

@Astra So, Sorry for the late reply, both of them are running the same firmware version 0.43.1, it’s the firmware version i’ve received them with.
But I think I Found the issue I’m facing. That’s very weird.
If I read the NFC card then directly go to the menu “emulate uid” it doesn’t open the door.
But When I go to “run compatible app” it then tries to read a “banking card”, then I go back to the action menu and now go to emulate uid, it works.

To summarize :
Action 1 :
Menu > NFC > read Card > Card detected :

 NFC-A may be:
 EMV bank card
 ATQA:4403 SAK:20
 UID : 04 44 55 AD 55 55 55

More >Emulate UID :

Doesnt Work , door wont open

Action 2 :

More > Run compatible APP > “Reading Bank Card” > back > More >Emulate UID ::

Door opens

I then record the UID and save it, it will open the door everytime.

No SD card is plugged in, the card is a Mifare Desfire

You can check the following video for more precisions on the actions :

Ok so now I know why the second flipper couldnt open the door, it’s because the second “recording” was different so, It’s not a issue per se, but still I’m intringed of what’s happening.

Is the entry “run compatible app” starting an attack ? If so I don’t see why it doesnt take more time.
Did the flipper zero made a mistake on the identification of the card ?

Thanks again !

The 0.43.1 version is WILDLY outdated at the moment, please update via ASAP

The DESfire support hasn’t even been added then, so no wonder the behaviour is weird

Yes I know, in fact I donwgraded specifically to this version to reproduce this bug as I do not have the same menus in the last version.
In fact it only propose me to save the UID when it detected the Mifare Desfire.