NFC emulating problem

My flipper can read NFC amiibo but I can’t emulate them after. Can someone help?

Are you using the latest firmware version? If so, try reading it using Extra Actions -> Unlock NTAG/Ultralight -> Auth as Ameebo (the spelling is intentional).

Yeap last firmware and try Ameebo but still isnt working.

Hm, can you record a video of you reading the figure and emulating it and send it here?

Here it is :

This seems to just be a connectivity issue

Try taking of the case off your flipper and the joystick cover off your joycon and emulate again. I’ve also heard that some user have more success emulating when they hold the flipper vertically (parallel to the joycon)

I’ve just try but no success at all.

The problem might also be caused by moving the flipper around while emulating

Try holding it still for about 5 seconds, maybe that will help

Here’s a video of how it should work: Amiibo emulation.mp4 - Google Drive

Yeap try that multiple time but doesnt work either.

Can you read the emulation with your phone? There are several apps that can read amiibos (for example TagMo), if they can read the flipper’s emulation - then the problem is likely with your joycon

The problem is not the joycon cause it work perfectly with the amiibo as you can see in the video.

Hello, Jonathan
I had exactly the same problem as you, I puzzled for a long time how to solve it.
I found a solution, all you have to do is attach the flipper vertically, not horizontally to the stick.