Next steps in controlling a given remote

I tried to open the handicap doors at my work with the available sub ghz files that i already had, but none of them work. Thus started my learning endeavor. I started with the frequency analyzer which tells me its 387mHz. i tried reading the signal on each of the 4 modulation schemes at that frequency with no luck. i tried reading it raw on each scheme and replaying it with no luck. i took the button apart and found the fcc id for it and looked that up.
according to this it uses ASK. it appears to be a 12 bit fixed code remote, and it specifies that it uses AM, but does not specify the bandwidth. it says " For the carrier operating frequency of 387MHz, the data is formatted such that a logical “1” is 10KHz and a logical “0” is 20KHz."
what would my next steps be in trying to figure this particular example out? would i read raw on am650 maybe, and load that to a computer to analyze it? if so what program would you recommend.

if there is no frequency 387 add it. and record via Read RAW a signal from the remote control at this frequency, and then play back the recording, whether your receiver works or not.

from what i read the am270 and am650 are just different bandwidths, would a signal that is narrower technically still work with the am650 mode?
i tried recording in raw mode, on all 4 modulation modes and it did not activate the door. is there a way to record the raw signal and load it to a computer program to verify that it is a certain modulation scheme?

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