[New Protocol Request] Nedap tags

Hi! There’s very little information about Nedap online, so I’m not sure if this is enough information. Here’s the information I was able to get off of the proxmark3 from a Nedap semi-active parking tag:

[+] NEDAP (64b) - ID: 38871 subtype: 10 customer code: 2468 / 0x9A4 Raw: FF953498E2A41285

Pictures below of the open tag, in case this helps at all:

We’re currently working on RFID RAW, and will be able to add new RFID protocols only after we finish the refactoring for RAW recording

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Totally makes sense. Should I re-submit this request later, or is there a more formal way to add protocol requests?

You can just wait, we’ll come back to your request when we’ll be able to implement it.