New feature : Editing Bad USB payloads on phone and sending them through the app

Hi there !

An idea i have for a Bad USB payload modification : it would be really great to be able to gather/edit payloads on the phone (3rd party app), and then being able to upload them to Flipper through the app.

It’s really down to “how can I upload files to Flipper via bluetooth ?”

Is this function available already and I haven’t seen how to use it ?

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


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Hi, just to kill this topic.
This function is available in the app in beta mode.
I didn’t find the option to add or create files, but there are a lot of edits that can be done.
Bye !

Merged just now

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Hello again,
Just tried to find how to upload some files through the android app to flipper over bluetooth, i can’t find where ti do it.
What should i do ?
I’m really sorry, I must be missing something obvious
(Currently using the up to date ( dated 03/8) beta version of Flipper Mobile App)
Thanks again,

Experimental Options → File manager → Choose directory → Choose file → Choose edit → Wait → Done