Need a point in the right direction // tldr at the top

dont know what im doing
want to learn - but not sure if my goal is possible
would like some resources to use to learn
having difficulty finding the material to read

hello everybody,
hope all is well with everyone. I was attempting to automate some of my work, and have figured out everything I need for the basics of writing the script. however, there has got to be a better way of launching an exe other than having it use the down arrow.

for context, I need to be able to launch multiple applications and interact with gui elements. in individual scripts of course. i.e. one script launches one exe off the external flash drive and then interacts with gui elements.

I would also like to apologize if I come off as ignorant, I am very inexperienced with this kind of thing and this is partially a learning project for me. so if this whole project is a pipe dream I get it. but if someone thinks its possible and can potentially point me in the right direction to learn what I need to do this. i.e. YouTube videos or articles I could read that would be greatly appreciated.

Check out his channel, there is some great flipper stuff on there