Music Player Songs

With the new update (0.58.1) you can make songs for the music player.
I did Alan Walker’s Faded. It’s not perfect, but I think it sounds good. (534 Bytes)

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Is there a way to “auto” convert a song (mp3) to this format? Or it has to be manually?

No, that’s an entirely different audio format that doesn’t work in this way.

The flipper music format is more like sheet music, and mp3 is a full waveform recording.

I did a simple loop of the beginning of “Bloody Tears” from Castlevania 2 just to try it out
Bloody (286 Bytes)


I know that, it has to be a txt file ok, i get that. What i was trying to ask is that, if there any way to translate a music mp3 file to a txt with the format flipper requires. not just adding the mp3 or waf file

As I said, mp3 is a waveform. Flipper uses “sheet music”. Those are completely different and you can only record flipper’s output to mp3, not the other way around. You can Google “midi vs mp3” to find more (midi is a format somewhat similar to the FMF)

Automatically converting sounds files to their underlying sheet music is a lot more complicated than you may realize. It is still very much a manual process.


Thanks, this was the response i was looking for.

There are some Midi → Sheet and Midi->text apps out there. Lots of Midi-> text scripts that could probably be modified to output into this format, probably give it a few months and someone will put in the work. It reminds me of the Midi → Lute music plugin for the game Mordhau.

there are AI apps for separating rhythm from melody from percussion (algoriddim djay pro ai, for example). you can take the melody track and using plugins in a DAW (digital audio workstation) like Logic or Ableton Live or FL Studio, you can convert notes in a waveform track to the corresponding midi notes. then… I don’t know how to get the midi exported properly to convert directly to .fmf file, but since it’s just comma separated notes, I’d just do this part manually probably. would be pretty easy.

I’ve made some poor quality midi files following this method - looking forward to trying it for .fmf

Just tried to look at this. I have 0.58.1 and I do not see how to go about making songs. The music player and marble machine.fmf are present but no option for adding new?

It should be a matter of just opening the text file and writing a list of notes in. It is pretty self explanatory, it is like writing ringtones on an old 2001 era motorola phone

I created two song files, one for Hedwig’s Theme (from Harry Potter), and one for the Airwolf theme. I made a GitHub repo in case anyone wants them, plus basic instructions in the README for anyone that wants to create their own.

I transcribed the Still Alive Song from Portal. Fits with the FlipperZero theme perfectly. :rofl:

@Stardrifter, you need to use either the flipper app from your phone or the QFlipper installed app to move the file onto the Flipper into the Music Player App folder on your SD Card.