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More storage on Flipper Zero

If i’m reading the specs correctly, the only storage is a1MB flash divided into two banks.
That should be good for the actual program running on the device, but what about keeping lookup tables or storing logs? Seems like you could run out of space really fast. Any chance of adding a MicroSD wired up in SPI mode?


Storing grabbed data on smartphone using Bluetooth as transport partially solves the problem. But adding a SPI port would be a question of free interfaces of STM32 MCU and PCB layout (and of course some coding)
That would also be useful to store large amount of sketches and other user data. But 8Mbit storage is sufficient for the currently implemented applications of the device.

Yes, partially… but it puts requirements on the companion app. 1MB/8Mb is sufficient to start with, maybe for all programs forever, but who knows what use cases will pop up for such a multi-purpose device… So, indeed, if there is a free interface and some board space this functionality would basically be free.
The majority of the software should already be there by just using the appropriate Arduino libs.

Yeah, STMicroelectronics provides FatFS library, so it’s just about creating API to easily use it with existing plugin ecosystem (well idk complexity of the task haven’t seen sources). And they could use existing SPI data lines (if any) with another chip select pin and additional logic at the expense of performance.

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Not ideal but we (as in the end users) can make an MicroSD over SPI extension that plugs in to the gpio port.
But if the dev team can make it work I would love SD card support!

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Indeed, not ideal. I really like the pocketability factor of the Flipper, and externally connected things tend to be fragile.

As an additional note; an example use case would be that while the current firmware space could likely easily fit TV-B-Gone functionality, the codes for all known actions on all TVs ever made would likely not fit. Not to mention the names of those TVs or some sort of index so you could find what you are looking for.

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I suspect they won’t be adding SD card support because a slot would be quite large to fit on the PCB, however cheap it might be.
And to be honest if the SD card is visible like the flipper one I wouldn’t want it.
I did open a new topic on adding an internal SPI port, this would solve our problem and enable other internal mods! (Enabeling Internal Mods With SPI)

Perhaps… while not, yet, a super crowded board a MicroSD slot does take a fair amount of space. While a good compromise, and definitely better than nothing, i see two issues with that. Firstly, it would limit the community of SD-enabled mods to like 10% of users, 20% if we’re super lucky and like put it on tindie. And second, the innards case is already very crowded (a.k.a. well designed), so even something that tiny will be really hard to fit in.

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This requires soldering skills, also SD card support is kinda low level thing (as dumb as it might sound for MCU programming), so plugin development with support of SD cards may be hard for novices (and maybe almost impossible using plugin system without STM32 HAL) if it wont be supported by firmware and plugin system. Also I don’t think there will be much space inside for anything else.
And there are already external GPIO ports so you can create as big module as you need and connect it there.

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It does require soldering skills but developing an external one would also require soldering.
Adding general SD card support would be a lot of work, however writing a single application that communicate with it over SPI to store data for internal use would be less of an affair.
Altho I must admit I have only experience with SPI - SD on fpga, so I can definitely be wrong.

On an unrelated note I don’t think this discussion should be under the “Raspberry Pi and alternatives discussion” category?

Well, the point of external module is that it could be developed and mass-produced like shield for arduino by third party company, so user could just buy it and connect to their flipper. Or users could use breadboards.
As for adding SD card support - it would be much easier for developers to have just “open”, “read” “write” and such syscalls than to take care of SPI data transmission and file system mounting.

Why? It’s all about Flipper Zero

You are totally right, I meant to say that implementing SPI - SD communication for a single app would be much less work than implementing those calls although it would be more like a library I supose

I think this category is about the system board for the Flipper One

Absolutely. But anyway, such apps wouldn’t be very popular because they require additional hardware modification (when it could just have been an SD card inserted into a slot)

Oh, I see. It should be Uncategorized then

Should it though? I think it would just get lost in everything else. It would probably be better with a new more Zero-oriented category.
I also get the feeling the categories were defined before the Zero/One split.
So with this being “System Board (SoM/SoC)” category, despite the One-oriented title, i felt it was the closest match (being about board space and SoC interfaces).

Rest assured, we have some plans on additional storage, but I can’t tell more at this point. :slight_smile:


Creo que sería mejor que incluyera una trgeta SD para evitar problemas