More games: "Defender"-like, "Asteroids"-like

I’ve been looking at the music player and snake game code in the firmware and have grown increasingly curious at how challenging it would be to program these other games as proof of concept. I’m having trouble finding any documentation outside of the firmware examples though, am I missing anything?

Currently there’s no documentation for making games yet, so you’re not missing anything.

And the games you proposed are almost definitely possible

thank you! I’ll be futzing around and taking my questions to the other thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I came here looking for something similar, how would we go about creating plugins that run on the flipper itself similar to snake and the music player? Also, I want to quickly script some test output sequences to the GPIO pins rather than do them manually each time…

I feel like This is such a common case I’m probably much more likety to have missed something in the documentation than @WacksWizard I didn’t see anything in the directory structure in qflipper which indicates where those are stored either…

not planning to create a module for public use or anything, just simple scripting… Do we need to go through the developer program for this? seems like a bit much.

You can check this tutorial


wiill it run doom though


What about a simple game like “Simon Says” where you have to repeat the pattern directions using the directional pad on the flipper. A simple memory game? You could also add tones, to directions.

I’m working on this very idea! My latest challenge is getting the “Computer player” on it’s own thread and to disable the game controls when the computer player is showing the human player the pattern to repeat.

I though of something else while playing Fallout Shelter (FS). What about a game that is kind of like the part in FS when you send a dweller out into the wilderness to explore. It would just be a text window saying what they encountered, and how well they did base on their stats. The player would have to level up the character to make them more successful before sending them out to explore. All of it could just be a time gated system. Like leveling your characters strength from level 1 to 2 would take you an hour, the next time 2 hours and so on. Put them into training and come back to them later. Then go out get better gear, you equip or sell. rinse repeat. (Just a though, not fully thought out but I wanted to share it.)