Merlin Garage Door

I have a Merlin Garage that runs at 433.92 MHz (checked with Frequency Analyser)
I’m not too familiar with the Flipper yet so I’m not sure if the door is already recognised.
I have attached the raw data and a photo of the wall mounted button.
Also attached a photo of the remote.

Raw_signal_1.sub (52.1 KB)


The tuned button has another side that is more interesting than just a battery and a couple of buttons. no such protocol is not yet supported. it is dynamic Manchester encoding, character rate 2000.

I looked up this remote and it appears to support both sec+ 1 and 2. Do you happen to know which garage door model you have?

Hey, sorry I just saw this, I’ll find the model when I get home shorty and send it through.

@Taha thanks! It looks like it’s a security + 2.0 garage door. We have a discussion here around fixing the integration. Lift Master (Security+ 2)

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