Marantec D382 Garage Opener 433,92


Iam having a Marantec FOB 433.92Mhz with two Buttons

Flipper doesnt detect its protocol :confused:

It seems to be ASK

FCC ID is not printed on it bc probably only Sold in EU ?

Ive Attached photos, raw read from flipper and captures from my SDR
The captures from flipper and SDR are NOT the same, they are captured separately.
SDR Captures are made with Malahite SDR via Universal Radio Hacker.
If you need another format/capture, please say so! its no problem!

idk if fixed or rolling code, but i assume its fixed. (i tried to compare 2 signals)
But iam a beginner to this subGhz topic.
Edit: I tried to send Raw. Works. even multiple times, so it should be fixed code :wink: (3.7 MB)

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Damn! I knew you guys are fast. but THAT was fast…

THANKS!!! <3