Manually Adding LiftMaster Security+ 2.0

Has anyone had success in manually adding and pairing a Security+ 2.0 protocol from their flipper to LiftMaster receiver? I’m trying to pair to a LiftMaster 850LM receiver set up in single channel mode, have followed their instructions on setting the receiver into pairing mode and sending a signal from my flipper but have had no success in the receiver picking up on my signal. I don’t have an actual LiftMaster transmitter so I don’t have the ability to capture a working raw signal. I’ve tried the following protocols:

  • Security+2.0_310
  • Security+2.0_315
  • Security+2.0_390

I’ve also tried the LiftMaster_315 and LiftMaster_390 protocols (which appear to be Security+1.0?) but when looking up the 850LM receiver it specifically states Security+ 2.0. I’m in the US so my receiver should be operating on either 310/315/390. Any help is much appreciated!