Lost infrared remotes on firmware update from 0.50 to 0.51

I went from .50 to .51 on the firmware update and it looks like it kept my RFID key but I lost all of my saved remotes and had to manually re-enter them. Was that an accident with the firmware update, or do I need to go through a specific update to keep my infrared remotes between updates?

Check SD card, one of the updates change the name of the folder from I think irda to infrared. If that’s your issue then your data is still in the old folder.


Thanks for the heads up. I did find the irda folder and moved the contents over to infrared folder, so I should be alright. Too bad the update didn’t move my items for me but just glad to hear that I didn’t lose them and I shouldn’t have to worry too much about losing them in the future.

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