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Looking for better NFC chip than PN532

We need an NFC chip supported by LibNFC, which has I2C or SPI interface.
I don’t know any good choice except NXP PN532.

But this chip is bad in tag simulating. Anyone knows a better one?

Using PN7462 with custom firmware and speaking with rpi over custom protocol via I2C?

What was the reason of using LibNFC in this case?

Because there is a lot ready to use tools based on libnfc, and pentesting software like mfoc, mfuck, hardnested attack and so on. We just need to create an interfaces for LCD display of this tools. What replacement of libnfc you can advice?

This chip is not supported by libnfc, this will take a lot more development. Also why your recommended this chip? Does it haven’t UID emulation limitation like PN532 do?

Please explain, why PN532 is bad for emulation?
Most chips can emulate only NFC-A / ISO14443A and NFC-F tags.

What tags do you want to support?
What other features do you want?

Because of hardcoded first UID byte 0x08 in emulation mode. You can’t emulate UID for example 11223344, it will be 08223344.

Many access control systems depends on UID, I would like to have option to emulate any UID.

look here:
but it not compatible with libnfc and it too hard to make it work

An NFC chip where you can set the UID, that’s one thing that is missing, something similar to ‘simple NFC’ but not as expensive as proxmark3

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but not the version that we need)
next version will be ok

I don’t see any difference from previous version except a bluetooth added.

PN533 is also compatible with libnfc.
Have you looked into specs of this chip?

There is no difference between PN532 and PN533 except the connection interface. It has USB native connection.

and data rate capabilities for ISO14443-B

yes, now there is no differences except of pcb routing.
btw) i have asked several friends an they said that chameleon revG is a very stable one.

Have you heard about Elechouse? They have a library, though in arduino, but rewriting is not difficult.

Tag emulation works fine on the avr platform.

It can emulate NDEF tag, but you can’t emaulte mifare classic for example.

i think you don‘t have to find a nfc chip which is goog in tag simulating.You can add a uid or cuid card to flipper zero,then control the card with a switch(on or off).

This will be only one type of card, so you can use both mifare classic and lite, for example.


the PN5180 is the better chip because it supports not only iso14443 but iso15693 as well.
This Chip has in addition an simulation feature (which I hav not tested so far).

There is a really good Library available by ATrappmann. And there is a fork done by teddy that supports the iso14443 standard and some addition ICODE features for the iso15693 (the merger is planned that everything goes back to the ATrappmann Library.)

There is another solution as well in the game.
Just take an Proxmarkl3 easy and build this into your design. There is a really good development going on on that side. You just need to control the Proxmark3 with your RPI and have all the features included.