Logs via Android App?

I can view logs via qflipper. Just wondering if the android app can show logs and/or if it is a planned feature.

Not urgent since there is a great free FOSS serial app Serial USB Terminal, and it works well with USBC to USBC (flipper to phone).

Would be really nice to log via Bluetooth though.

qFlipper doesn’t show the Flipper logs, it shows its own logs (so, the logs of the qFlipper desktop app).

Adding logs to the mobile app is probably not possible due to how the logging system is structured (the logs get sent straight to the UART of the flipper), and trying to re-structure them would be really difficult and will slow down the system quite dramatically

However, we may add the ability to view logs using the WiFi devboard in the future, so you’ll be able to navigate to http://blackmagic.local from any device and view the logs in your browser