Lift Master (Security+ 2)

  1. Find the exact frequency of your system
    I am using 390Mhz.
  1. Attach the high resolution photo of your remote, to make FCC ID can be seen clearly.

I’ll hopefully post the rest of the assets momentarily due to the new user limitation.

  1. If Flipper Zero supports your frequency in default configuration, and your signal is ASK (OOK, AM) modulation, please capture the RAW signal on Flipper. Press each button on your remote for 10 times, and record the RAW signal of each button pressed on a different file and attach this files to your topic on forum.
    Here are copies of the non raw versions. Note that the file name corresponds to the FCC ID on the back of the remotes.

7359_1.sub (208 Bytes)
7359_2.sub (208 Bytes)

7539_3.sub (208 Bytes)
7964.sub (208 Bytes)

RAW with 10+ button presses each:

7964_raw.sub (77.7 KB)
7359_r_1.sub (52.8 KB)

7359_r_2.sub (62.9 KB)
7359_r_3.sub (52.4 KB)

Thanks. Yes, buttons can be those that are not used. if someone else has the same remotes, please also throw off the recordings, I’ll take a look today

7964 had one usable button I could pick up in the 390 range so I recorded one read with the protocol and one with raw button presses.

7359 had 3 usable buttons which is why I gave 3 sets of raw recordings for it in addition to the copies read by the sec+ 2 protocol you built.

RAW_CAPTURE_315.sub (36.0 KB)

Attached is a raw capture for analysis. Please let me know if I can contribute anything else.

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@SkorP Do you need more remotes?


I’ll keep an eye on Reddit and the discord. I have been trying to find others that want this support.

Here’s the raw from my 891LM with HBW7359 FCC ID.
7359_raw.sub (42.6 KB)

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