Learn New Remote isn't picking up IR signals

When I press Learn New Remote, the status LED flashes white, but nothing seems to happen when I press buttons on the IR remote. How is this supposed to work? The remote is for a Mitsubishi mini split HVAC.

That is how it is suppose to work.

Are you sure is IR? Any chance it could be RF?

I say that because my remote it only IR for the power. All the other buttons appear to be RF and I cant learn them that way.

That was worth checking. I covered the IR with an opaque object and the remote stopped working, so I believe that it’s completely IR and no RF.

At the very least, the on/off signals should be readable, and I’m not having any success with those either.

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Then your remote probably uses a different carrier frequency that flipper doesn’t support

What is the range of IR carrier frequencies that Flipper Zero supports? Where is this documented?

So the Flipper Zero only works with 38KHz IR signals? Also, the Universal Library only has TV remotes right now. Are there plans to add AC remotes, which are more complex?

Yes, only 38khz signals are supported. AC remotes will definitely be added in the future.

I ran into a similar problem. You can find some details about the mitsubishi protocol here https://github.com/r45635/HVAC-IR-Control

I looked through their code and it seems like the remote may use 38khz, based on this code

The device does send a relatively large payload, I’m not sure if there are any limits there. What are the options for enabling some more verbose logging during the IR read phase?