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Good Flippers

A question I think not overly complicated but I just can’t seem to get my head around it.

When using my Badusb tests in windows the flipper writes it in English format as my windows and my tests are in keyboard with the distribution in Spanish does not work well because it sends wrong characters because of the language.

Any idea?

Thanks as always.

There are keyboard layout on the Flipper. I don’t see an easy way to change them accept perhaps by editing the .badusb.settings file in the bad usb folder with a text editor.
Mine says

You probably want yours to be

Thank you very much for your reply, and happy new year!!!

I’m sorry to be so clumsy, could you explain me in which path is that file, I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance

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lol, I thought I posted that. You will notice the file name starts with a . which on some operating systems might not show up unless you show hidden files. It appears you can edit it with notepad or nano. I would keep a backup of that file and even back up my Flipper just in case I made a typo.
/SD Card/BadUSB/ .badusb.settings