Kodi support

Thats a low hanging fruit, I guess. Could you add in the “Bluetooth remote” another mode for Kodi? It should be equal to Keynote except the center key for “Return” instead of “Space”.
That would be really cool.



that will be great!

It would be nice!
While waiting for that, I installed the add-on “Keymap editor” in order to have the principal button of the flipper to validate items when I’m in Kodi menus, and to play/pause when in a video.
If you’re interested, I can give the details. Important part was : don’t keymap “Global” (it didn’t work for both usages I described : menus and video).

The flash space is currently very limited for that to be added to the stock FW, but you can modify the app yourself to include that functionality, and after the ELF loader gets released (which is very soon, probably coming this week) you can just compile that as an ELF app and load it from the SD card.


Thanks Astra for the heads-up about the future ELF loader possibility to fit our need for Kodi !
For those interested, I did a little modification of the Keynote app to select if I send “Space” or “Return”. This switch is done by long pressing the OK button. The short press of the OK button sends either Space or Return accordingly.

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A very expensive Kodi remote! :joy: I love the concept though.