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Kickstarter/Shipping issues

Hi guys, this is truly amazing project and I’m looking forward to put my hands on the device.

I’m not sure if this question is appropriate here but as it’s said that email address is only for business inquiries, I haven’t found any better way to contact the dev team. If the question happens to not belong here, please give me a hint where to send it.

Despite the fact that you claim that the device is 100% legal, I’m still a bit worried about any possible legal issues when getting it shipped from overseas. I guess that I’m not the only one with this kind of paranoia, and I believe there are many pledgers from Russia who would be happy to avoid international shipping when the time comes.

I don’t know if it’s feasible for you to have a batch of the devices imported to Russia and then send them out within the country. That would be perfect but I understand that it’d be probably too much effort to overcome the bureaucracy.

Another way to calm the paranoia down would be to send the shipment to my friend outside Russia and the rest would be on me. Is that going to be possible?

Once again, guys, the project itself is just a masterpiece, thank you for developing it :slight_smile:

The team will do their best to make this device 100% legal in Russia, for both import and usage. The device will pass the certifications as well. @zhovner gives additional attention for this question.

Это законно? Меня не арестуют на почте?

Флиппер не попадает под описание спецсредства или устройства для негласного сбора информации. Не имеет возможности фиксации аудиовизуальной информации, не замаскирован под предметы обихода. В заводской прошивке не будет функций джемминга, брутфорса и прочих потенциально вредоносных функций.

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Thanks a lot, this looks really exciting!

Hi all,
not wanting to open too much off topic threads :wink:
Whom to contact in general regarding shipping issues? Living in Europe I do not want to pay half of the price just to ship FlipperZero by USPS…