Keeping personal .nfc/.ir/.sub files and related favorites when updating

Is there a way to keep my personal files (.ir/.sub/.nfc) and the favorites I created linked to them when updating the firmware?
I don’t want to do it again everytime.



Look so far myself, I save everything in a folder for each thing NFC/SUB-GHz/BADUSB then I import folder by folder to Flipper, I believe it is safer and prevents from corrupting something already saved.

I believe that in the future you will be able to update only the Flipper SOFTWARE without losing local data.

Thanks, Do you create a folder with all you personal files in a new directory, in order to only copy/paste this folder everytime you update ?

Yes my friend.

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I do have a copy of the NFC key file to brute force Mifare and a copy of the subghz defenition file on my PC and on an “extra” folder of the flipper SD. I’m using self update. Each time i do update i copy back my files to replace the ones created by the update. Apart from that the updates don’t mess the other files on the SD (saved cards, keys, etc) but at any rate i do have a copy of the SD on my pc just in case …