Kali Linux Integration

Any plans to integrate the FlipperZero with Kali Linux or Kali Nethunter? There is a bounty of tools for hacking, IDE, Arduino, Social Engineering and a host of RF products.

i believe that’s the plan for the next flipper device.

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Understood, but tightly coupled with Kali Linux, the existing Arduino Flipper could be utilized for proxmark3, Kismet, aircrack, etc, etc for RFID/NFC/Bluetooth devices.

I believe it’s an issue with the processor of the flipper zero not being compatible.

Flipper zero is as follows:
ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit 64 MHz (application processor)
ARM Cortex-M0+ 32 MHz (network processor)

The Flipper one will use an NXP I.MX6 ULZ, which is compatible with Kali linux

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re wanting to use the Flipper as a USB peripheral that works when connected to a separate computer running full Kali Linux, correct?

If so, there’s effort underway to expose the infrared functionality to the computer:

(As I’m trying to brute-force some missing IR remotes, I’m very much looking forward to this in place of sending text commands over the serial CLI.)

And there’s an open feature request to expose the NFC functionality over USB, too:

(The NFC issue has been updated to request feedback from folks on good ways to implement this that deals with the complexities of Flipper’s NFC stack.)


First of all, the Flipper zero is not based on any arduino device and isn’t related to arduino at all.
Second, the proxmark3 software works only with proxmark devices made using FPGAs, while the Flipper has a completely different architecture and is physically incompatible with the proxmark software.

The most practical coupling you can get is just using the Flipper zero android app and a serial console on your phone. Anything else would be completely impractical to implement, as implementing it in the flipper app would be much more effective compared to implementing it for the OS which is used by a tiny minority of our users.

I don’t really understand what you want. Is it a mobile-related topic for sure?

Perhaps a poorly worded question earlier, or overly broad comment. But I would find more practical use to an APP on Kali Linux that has some functionality over USB like this project, than an iOS app which looks pretty but basically just mirrors the Flipper

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I understand Flipper != Proxmark , but in general Software Defined Radios and Software can overcome a lot of barriers. That being said it would be a huge effort to write and modify all that software.

I think the gist of my comment is more complementary software is already deployed and would be deployed in Kali Linux than Android, iOS, Windows, etc, etc. Very few people are using Kali Linux to watch Netflix, they are using it to hack things

Flipper is not an SDR in any way