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Is this actually a real thing, or vaporware?

It’s been a very long time with no developments, no progress, and the community at large has condemned this project to the vaporware pile.

With a list of quite frankly hard to believe specs and promises, no progress, and no availability, this project is radiating powerful scam energy.

Are there any plans to actually go through with any of this fantasy, or are we just here to line pockets and encourage dreams?

Mr. Zhovner is much more active on Twitter: @zhovner

He’s already demonstrated most features of the Zero model. I believe the only serious problem is finding a Wi-Fi chipset for the Flipper One design.

I wish that I could help, but I have no experience with PCB or hardware design :frowning:

It’s been a very long time with no developments, no progress

Right now we are working hard trying to finish the golden sample device and little busy to new posts to blog. Since we don’t have any PR or marketing team, there is a lack of content. I prefer to record a short video and post it to youtube and twitter instead of writing big blog post.

As @Weropol said we really active more on social media like:

Twitter: and

Where you can see the fresh prototypes in action.

this project is radiating powerful scam energy.

Let’s be clear, if we planning a scum, we can do this half year ago. Instead of this we completely change the architecture, drop the raspberry pi and start making our new board from scratch. This significantly slowed down the development process. We trying to make well working prototype before harvesting money, thats why it takes so much time.