Is my antenna broken?

I am writing this message because I’m unable to send a signal (sub-ghz) to open a gate anymore (I’ve tried different gates, same thing).

Goal : Emulate a raw signal (of a remote I have)
Problem : Can save but seems like emulate doesn’t work anymore

Dec 2022 : I receive the FZ, learn how to use it, save and emulate the RAW signal of my remote and it works. (FW 0.74.2)
Jan 2023 : I try to do the same with another gate but it doesn’t work (I thought maybe there was some issue with that remote)
Feb 2023 : I try to send the signal I’ve registered in December to the same gate but nothing. Tried to record it again but nothing (the remote works) I have tried to reinstall the firmware (0.74.2), but it still doesn’t work. I’ve tried as well to reboot, hard reboot, put it in DFU mode and repair it but nothing (it now runs 0.77.1). I’ve checked the signals frequency in my region and I can send it. Idk what has changed in the meanwhile.

I’ve tried the frequency analyser with the sound on, the antenna receive the signal. Does the same antenna “send” the signal as well or is something else in the device?

What can I do?

Model : FZ.1 FCC ID : 2A2V6-FZ IC : 27624-FZ Serial Number : 5E724 80226E 18000 HW Version Info : 12.F7B9C6 R04:CH Kedin


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Hi there,
I had a similar problem where I could kinda pick up the signal but the flipper-sent signal won’t work. The solution for me was to adjust the frequency by a few khz up and down until the frequency was the right one for the receiver. This can be done by editing the setting_user file for receiving with the flipper or you can edit the used frequency for sending the already recorded signal

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Thanks for the reply.
I’ve tried to go in the different menus but couldn’t find the option you proposed.
Could you guide me to it, please? Like Sub-GHz>Saved>etc
or maybe you’ve a link?

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Maybe the gate is using Rolling Code?
If so (make some research) each signal sent is different from each other.

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Thanks for your answer.
No, the gate has a static code.

This was my thought. In some instances a rolling may work for a short time because the implementation was poor. The gate may ignore the counter being incorrect as long as it falls into a certain window. That could result in the code working for days or possibly weeks. In extremely bad implementations I have heard of the code working permanently.

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The easiest way is to use the qFlipper application for your PC. Via the file browser go to ext/subghz/assets/setting_user.txt. There you can add the wanted frequency to the list of frequencies used for “Read”, “Read Raw” and “Frequency Analyzer”. You can also try to get the right frequency by using the Frequency Analyzer tool in the SubGHz application itself. When a frequency with a strong enough signal is detected, you should be able to selct it with the center button and use it for picking up the next signal via the Read tool. And to answer your question with the antenna, as far as I know, the same antenna is used for receiving and sending.
I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Good to know, I have another remote that has rolling codes and I still need to figure that out.

Cool, I’ve screenshot your comment and saved it!

So, I did some more research but I couldn’t find what I need (know if the receiver is rolling or static).
The receiver is a “Hormann 360 art.636765” but my remote is “Benica TO-GO VA” (which is supposed to be a rolling code but when I cloned it with another remote of the same model, I did a standard “static code” procedure and not the ones required for rolling codes).

Anyway, I’ve ordered an external antenna СС1101 and still doesn’t work so I suppose that the most plausible scenario is the one of @jmr . (Thanks again)
I almost forgot. None of the remotes got de-sync with the receiver so I still wonder, is it static or rolling…

I have heard some rolling code implementations have a window of 1000 codes before a desync is caused. I think this video on KeeLoq mentioned that.