Is any repository for and/or available additional plugins?

Hello everyone, just got my Flipper yesterday and the plugins menu made me wonder if there is any other available plugins other than the stock ones, because I search the forum here and haven’t found any.
The bluetooth mouse/keyboard emulator works so nice that it made me want to have a USB mouse/keyboard emulator, just like the bluetooth one does. But this isn’t a thing already, right? I don’t say it like the bad-usb stuff, I want an on screen keyboard / mouse for controlling stuff like camera DVRs on the field, I carry a mini USB keyboard for this kinda thing in my backpack everyday and feel like it can be replaced by the Flipper.

Additionally, is there a guide on how-to write plugins for Flipper?

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The plug-in functionality hasn’t been released yet, coming soon.


External plug-ins are now available !!!

Repository :