IR transmitter stuck


I created a remote control by learning from original one. The device I want to control expects this code sent several times. If I push the button once everything is fine.Pushing for a second is still okay. But as I pushed and hold the button for some seconds the device didn’t stop blinking purple and stuck. No button seems to work and I had to reset the device with left arrow and center button.

The code is

name: Vol Cal
type: parsed
protocol: RC5
address: 10 00 00 00
command: 0E 00 00 00

Any idea?

BTW: It happens with 0.62.1 as well as 0.63.1

I can reproduce the issue, this is most likely a bug. Will be fixed ASAP.


any news here? The bug still seems to be present in 0.63.3 …


The issue has since been fixed, but there were no new releases yet for it to propagate to the release branch. You can switch to the dev update branch, but it might have other issues.