IR to discover hidden cameras

I was thinking that since the cameras’ illuminators are infrared, it is possible somehow to use the FlipperZero as a “scanner” to locate them.


I guess as long as they don’t emit a modulated signal but only constant light, there’s nothing to detect. At least that’s not how IR receivers work.


The IR transceiver in the flipper is meant for data communication. maybe you could do some kind of IR power meter and sweep it across the room but that would be highly impractical. You’d have to dive deep into how the IR is wired to the MCU, and write a plugin.

Thanks, i’ll search in the documentation, currently i’m detecting the camera IR by covering and uncovering FZ IR receiver with my finger :rofl:

Hi @darkglamb,

I’ve done the same today, with direct sunlight. See Infrared transceiver - #5 by LupusE
During the day it could be useless. Once because too much noise by daylight and also because the IR of my camera will turn on only at night. But I can imagine there will be a recognizable pattern at night.

Just use the Flipper Zero IR ‘Learn New Remote’, and get as much samples as possible.
And if there are repeating patterns, maybe someone really can write a detector, based on the ‘Learn New remotes’ app?

Maybe the Idea isn’t so bad, as I thought at the beginning :wink: