IR direct to TV

Greetings! forgive me for my bad english. I wanted to know if it is possible to acquire the infrared signal, searching directly from the TV, without going through the acquisition from the remote control
Thank you

That’s what the Universal Remote function does

The library is a bit small at the moment, we’re planning on expanding it soon

Sorry … maybe I didn’t understand correctly, but the only function I see is to pair the remote control with Flipper and not use Flipper to detect the signal from the tv without using the remote control

Open Infrared → Universal remotes → TVs

This will try and brute-force your tv’s button signal, but it might not work, as there’s no way to detect what protocol the TV uses without the remote, you can only try sending a lot of existing signals from the dictionary

The TV has only an IR receiver, not a sender.
So you are not able to get the codes, the TV knows, out of the TV without a remote.

Workaround would be

  1. search for your TV online, if someone is providing the codes
  2. buy a replacement IR remote and train your flipper with that device

Option 1 is kind of what Astra already said, you need the codes that need to be send. They are not available from the TV itself.

Redmi Note series phones have an IR blaster - used mine to train flipper. Works like a charm.

Haven’t had a chance to run universal library yet - recieved my flipper just today.