IR Crashes, Flipper Crashed and was rebooted. Usage Fault

Hi I have found a bug with IR.
After that I cannot turn it on.
Only [<] and [return] buttons works

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Go to Infrared, Learn New Remote, wait 2 seconds.
  2. Go to Saved remotes and select any one and just hold button to sent command.
    Flipper carshes.

If you cannot reproduce then I can provide my file from Saved list.

I can reproduce the bug/problem with the latest version of Unleashed as well.
I do open the learn remote function and let it run for a little bit, then go back and open any saved remote and flipper crash with error.

Please report reproducible issues and/or confirm them on the official firmware, unleashed and RM have a lot of unrelated bugs that are not present in stock.

I’ve reproduced this on latest official firmware, per instructions above…

Ok, ticket created

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FIXED on the updated version of the firmware. Thanks.

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In which version are you seeing the fix? I still see the issue in Release channel….

EDIT: Seems fixed in Dev branch. :slight_smile:

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