[iOS] Connect Loop

steps to reproduce

  1. Open App
  2. Wait for Connections
  3. Connection never succeeds

Here is a Gif (video are forbidden) that demonstrates the issue:

firmware version of Flipper Zero: 0.67.3

app logs: I can’t export the logs from the app. Everytime I select a location to share like files, Telegram or Mail, the app crashes. I attached a screenshot instead.

Flipper Zero logs: Attached txt file
terminal_content_1665394846095.txt (8.4 KB)

Are you also connected via bluetooth to “device_name Controller” or something like that? Mine will get stuck in this loop if I am connected to that bluetooth device. My understanding is the controller bluetooth connection is for the applications which control your pc or phone, not for the app.

To fix it, I had to forget both bluetooth devices and then pair again from the start. Hopefully that fixes it for you.

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Had the same issue and repairing the Flipper fixed the connection loop.

Should be fixed in 1.3.0. Now you’ll get pairing error with instructions how to fix it.

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