iOS app crashes when bluetooth is enabled on the Flipper

iOS: 15.6.1
Flipper iOS: 1.2.1
Flipper Zero firmware: 0.66.1 [06-09-2022]

When bluetooth is disabled on the Flipper, the iOS app starts up and attempts to connect to the device. As soon as I enable bluetooth on the Flipper, the iOS app crashes.

I’m having a similar issue.

When the bluetooth is enabled, the iOS App connects with Flipper, shows the device info and crashes immediately.

iOS: 15.6.1
Flipper iOS: 1.2.2
Flipper Zero Firmware: 0.66.1 [06-09-2022]

Please try 1.2.3 (96) from Join the Flipper Mobile App beta - TestFlight - Apple

I updated my Flipper with the iOS app and was loading files to it and everything was going great. Then out of nowhere, every time I open the app it starts syncing and crashes after several seconds. It still eventually uploads the files to the Flipper but annoying when it’s crashing every time I open it. If I disconnect the Flipper or Bluetooth, it works fine. The second I try to reconnect it, crashed. Any ideas?? TIA

@Impaler it looks similar to the previous posts so I moved your question here. Please try 96 build and send crash report If you still have the issue.