"Invalid device" when connecting as non-root user on Arch Linux

When I start qFlipper-x86_64-1.0.1.AppImage on my Arch Linux system and connect my Flipper, I get an error saying “Device cannot be recognized.”

When I re-run the app as root via sudo ./qFlipper-x86_64-1.0.1.AppImage, the app connects successfully, but this should not be necessary (my user is a member of the uucp group, and should have access to /dev/ttyACM0.)

I had the same issue, there is a script that is in a link in the Read More. After running it every thing worked fine as regular user.

Can you link to the script in question? When I click the “Read More” link, it just takes me to https://docs.flipperzero.one/

EDIT: Was it this one?

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Please check this guide: https://github.com/flipperdevices/qFlipper#run
It contains additional steps that will grant access to USB and Serial

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Yes, that is the correct script as Astra posted the link to it. Sorry for going by memory and not posting the link.

qFlipper is on AUR - AUR (en) - qflipper-git.
The package takes care of installing/upgrading/deleting the udev rules for you.