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Interactive Dolphin Hacker

Hello, i am Krypt, i love Cybersecurity, just found this project, i Love the idea you’re going with, I will try to help as much in the development of this project and you can mail me anytime for help!

i think the dolphin mode should be interactive, something like pwnagotchi but you have to interact with it, like you have to collect handshake and feed the dolphin them and then you could try to teach him how to do this (you do it first and the dolphin learns!) I also thought of having animations like someone ina another thread said to just make it more user interactive.

Coding in C++ is my expertise and a lot of cybersecurity i know, Im learning python but i really like this project and i wanna help!


Thank you Krypt! We will publish the firmware soon and will appreciate any contribution. Right now we plan to made two modification of Flipper: Lite and Pro. Lite will be based on STM32 only and Pro will have STM32 + Linux SoC. Currently we focused on Lite version and thinking about interactive games that uses 433MHz transmitter. Maybe you can advice something?