Intellicode 2 / code dodger 2

Looking to have the intellicode 2 / code dodger 2 from genie / overhead door protocol added to the flipper.

It is a rolling code similar in design to security+ 2.0

I have several openers of this brand and would like to be able to create a new remote on flipper like what was just done with security+ 2.0

I will collect sub files and upload soon.

Intellicode 315.txt (59.7 KB)

Intellicode 390.txt (48.5 KB)

Did these files capture what we need?

315 long presses .txt (85.0 KB)
390 long presses.txt (106.8 KB)

Any work being done on this?

Yes, I looked and wrote in another thread. this is the Keeloq protocol, manufactured by Genie. flipper accepts this protocol, but needs a manufacturer key from this system to be able to decrypt it. as soon as I get my hands on it, I’ll add it right away, if anyone has it, you can send it)

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I’m visiting a friend this weekend who has a genie garage door opener. Is there some way I could pull data from it that would be helpful?

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I have experience in modifying and building the flipper firmware. Where exactly do you add the manufacturer key once you have it or is quite a lot of code needed to support this?


Do you mean subghz/assets/keeloq_mfcodes_user?


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I imagine it’s not easy to gain access to the manufacturer keys :slight_smile:

if everything was simple, it would not be considered a “security system”