Import dump file for emulation

Hi, I just got my fipper zero, and importing a dump file seems impossible with current firmware. Is this true? Or did I miss something? If it’s true, will we see this feature in a future update? Thanks!

Please provide more context. What dump are you talking about. What file format does the dump use. What firmware version are you running?

Hi, my flipper zero is currently running on 0.62.1. I’m talking about .dump file for MIFARE Classic 1K. This file can be obtained using the Proxmark 3. Also, I found that the device can only emulate UID, not the full card, even if I import the keys and let flipper zero read the whole card data. Will the whole card simulation be available in future updates?

We use a specific file format (FFF, Flipper File Format, .nfc for NFC files), to which you need to convert your proxmark dumps to use. This was done intentionally to make the files human-readable as well as easy for our weak CPU to parse, and proxmark3 files do not fit into those criteria.

You can use this script to convert proxmark’s .json files to FFF.

Full emulation of mifare classic cards is supported, if your dump contains full card data (The “Emulate UID” option becomes just “Emulate”), however, nested authentication is not yet implemented, so it may fail with some readers.

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That’s great to know, thanks. And yes, after a few failed attempts, I can read both the key and card data using Mifare classical tools, so I was wrong before. But my door lock does not even respond with my flipper zero, so I’m guessing it’s because of the nested authentication problem you mentioned. (My door lock is weird btw, it can be unlocked using chameleon tiny, UID and CUID card etc, but does not respond to PM3 emulation, so I was wondering whether it’s the hardware or software’s fault).

Hi, my new beta release of mifare windows tools can make conversion from/to Android (MCT) / Libnfc (MWT) / flipper Zero → Release Mifare Windows Tool - MWT 1.5.8370.41492 · xavave/Mifare-Windows-Tool · GitHub

Hi! I used the script to dump the json from proxmark3 to nfc and when i use FZ say a text " can not parse file " and I used the script python3 script -i archive_dump.json -o archive.nfc , but dont work , any idea?? thanks