[Idea] Pavel feeds the dolphins with fish from Russia

Pavel might send out some fish to the community from time to time starting in Russia from his personal flipper.
That fish may travel from flipper to flipper via bluetooth if they are in bluetooth distance.
Your dolphin may get hungry after latest a year without fish and should remind you to visit another security conference (if there will be physical once again).

There could be a highscore dependent on number of hops that the fish required to reach any device, starting from Pavel’s device. As example the first person receiving the fish from Pavel gets 1 points, the second person, that receives the same fish from the first person gets already 2 points. The same fish can be received only once per device (for sure you might try to hack it).

The receiver should have an option to inform the sender about reception of a fish - and for sure the option to supress it as the feeding device could be owned by a person near to government:-)

For sure the highest score will be the one, that is able to get the private key from Pavel, that is required to sign the fishes on their start of travel:-)

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Does the fish get deleted from the device after being sent to another device?

If yes, the chain will die as soon as the fish gets to someone who doesn’t go out a lot :slight_smile:
And even if no, it’s still too ambitious I think, we don’t have so many Flippers.

In general, the idea is very cool!
Let’s get back to it when Flipper owns the world!

see the same problem as you. chain would die if the fish would be delted by transfer.
Keeping the fish on each device would be like a wave - would make more sense from my point of view.
Alternatively a fish could die after it was given to 5 other devices or if it is older than 30 days or if the user did not use flipper for 5 days or similar:-)
But may be it gets to complex then. V1 would be may be fun enough if anything travels through the community and to see that something comes from Russia to the rest of the world.